Monday, October 19, 2009

Phillies win big at home, two wins away from World Series




      Only two more wins and we’ll see the Phillies return to the World Series




The Phillies came out to play last night, they seized every opportunity that came their way on the field. The result was a 11-0 rout of the LA Dodgers in a cold but frenetic Citizen’s Bank Park last night.


    We’ve seen this before from this team on occasion and last night was a display of the awesome power that this team is capable of producing. They were firing on all cylinders. Ryan Howard again showed how much he has excelled this season with getting hits, not the homerun but key hits. His two run triple thrilled the crowd and made a statement that he owns the postseason now, the butterflies are gone with him and he’s just become comfortable in the postseason roll. This Phillies team may be more talented than last year’s team, and with only 2 wins needed to get into the World Series, you can easily start thinking ahead to what is on the horizon for this team next. They have to win two more though, and this is baseball so they have to do that first, and then the hoopla of the World Series will begin.


    It was interesting to see on the broadcast of the game last night that major league baseball actually provided the ‘winter wear’ for the teams and last night they could have put some of those items to use, as the temps were in the low 40’s. The temps for tonight’s game is supposed to be just a few degrees warmer so we’ll see.


      Chase Utley continued to show that something is wrong with him at second base last night. On even the most routine ground ball, Utley almost threw that ball past Howard and the ball bounced into the ground and Howard scooped it up. This leaves no doubt that Chase is indeed injured and playing hurt.


       Carlos Ruiz is playing like he did last year in the playoffs. He seems to excel as well when it’s time for the postseason. Last year he put up such great numbers in the World Series he actually came close to being an MVP, and in this series of the 2009 NLCS, he is doing it again. Ruiz is a guy who is putting up big numbers and it’s just so great to see.

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  1. Chase better pick up his game because I want the "UTS" hoodie and I'm not wearing it if this is his future...Lets go Chase!