Friday, October 09, 2009

Phillies / Rockies NLDS stats of note


The Phillies lead all playoff teams in the 2009 in BA so far at .343, here is how it breaks down:


Ryan Howard 4-8 .500
Raul Ibanez 4-8 .500
Shane Victorino 4-9 .444
Jason Werth 3-7 .429
Pedro Feliz 2-7 .286
Chase Utley 2-8 .250



 Jason Werth leads the team in total bases (TB) with 8, here is the stats list on TB:

Jason Werth 8 TB
Ryan Howard 6 TB
Raul Ibanez 5 TB
Shane Victorino 5 TB


Phillies starters in NLDS so far:

Cliff Lee 1-0 1.00 ERA 6 H 5 SO
Cole Hamels 0-1 7.20 7 H 5 SO



The Colorado Rockies haven’t been firing on all cylinders yet, we haven’t really seen what this team is capable of doing their top batters:

Carlos Gonzalez 5-9 .556
Yorvit Torrealba 3-6 .500
Troy Tulowitzki 2-7 .286
Ryan Spilborghs 1-4 .250
Garrett Atkins 1-6 .167



    The series moves from Philadelphia to the cold climate of Colorado now. The Phillies were at home on the road this year, but this is a new season now and you can’t really rely on what has happened in the past with the team at all.


      We’ll see how the team performs on Saturday night at 9:37 pm, the Sunday game is announced now to start at 10:07 pm Eastern. Do they want any Philly fans to watch this series? First they play two games while everyone with a real job has to work, and now they’ll play late. Go figure. The scheduling gods haven’t been with us yet this year. Let’s hope the baseball gods help the Phillies get a much needed win out there in Colorado in Game 3.


     Still no starter announced as of 7 AM Eastern just a day before the game for the Phillies. One starts to wonder, is this Charlie Manuel’s choice or a decision by committee now for the starter? The Phils will face Jason Hammel for the Rockies, he was 10-8 on the regular season with a 4.33 ERA.

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