Sunday, October 11, 2009

Phillies must win Game 3 or face possible elimination in Colorado




The Phillies ground crew is one of the hardest working crews in baseball, no need to worry about spraying the field down in Denver tonight, it will be 30 degrees by game time!



The Phillies haven’t ‘needed’ to win a game in quite some time. I think they need a win here tonight or they will face losing this series on Monday in Denver with a loss tonight. The game conditions will be less than perfect tonight in Coors Field, but somehow the Phillies better come out slugging like they are the defending World Series champs or the Rockies will be possibly on to the LA Dodgers for the NLCS.


      The terrible thing is that Game 4’s time hasn’t been announced yet. That is a crime to let teams be in the dark like that, but even more strange to strand a whole stadium full of fans the same way. They have to make plans, maybe they need a baby sitter. This just isn’t the way it’s supposed to be in 2009. The TBS network should not be allowed to toy with times of games like they are doing now. It may be tied to how the Yankees vs Twins series ends up, but still why do this to baseball fans?, the MLB shouldn’t allow it.


       The Phillies still need to watch Tulowitzki as he may be the key to a Rockies win. The same way the Dodgers took Puljols out of the game with their series is the way the Phillies should deal with Tulowitzki. Don’t give him a chance to beat you.


       It’s time to walk the walk and talk the talk for the Phillies, they need to get those bats off their shoulders and swing tonight, I am sure they will be because it’s so cold they may freeze if they don’t! Don’t bring this series back to Philly for a Game 5 even though I have tickets to it, I would much rather the Phillies win the next two and have some time off to rest and face the Dodgers.


        JA Happ gets the start, he’ll face a tough Rockies lineup. It’s his chance to build on his NL Rookie of the Year possibility here. If he gets hit early, look for Charlie to go hog wild again with some starters in their to back him up. I think he does well though and earns the win. My prediction:  Phillies 7   Rockies 3  

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