Sunday, October 04, 2009

Phillies end regular season with a win, playoff times announced

  The positive note of the day is the Phillies ended the regular season with a win. If you were at the ballpark or watched the game on tv today you wondered who some of these guys were playing in the familar spots of Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and on and on actually were. Charlie Manuel rested most of the regulars today with the exception of Jason Werth who wanted to have a chance to get his 100th rbi of the season. Shane Victorino and Raul Ibanez came up to the plate for pinch hit appearances. Guys that filled in or pinch hit this season got the chance to play today and they made the most of it contributing a win for the team on a Paul Hoover RBI in the 10th inning.


      You have to hand it to the Marlins today, they didn’t just roll over and play dead and they played a tough game behind the pitching of Josh Johnson. The Marlins finished in second place in the division just ahead of the Braves. Note how bad the Mets finished the regular season, and that was with the Mets completing a sweep of the Astros to end the regular season for the NY Mets, who had a payroll of $145 Million dollars this year. Here’s the final standings of the NL East for the 2009 regular season


y-Philadelphia 93 69 .574 -
Florida 87 75 .537 6.0
Atlanta 86 76 .531 7.0
NY Mets 70 92 .432 23.0
Washington 59 103 .364 34.0


        The times have been announced for the Playoffs in the Divison Series: (finally!) Now we can make plans if you’re going to the games! All times Eastern and the series is on TBS:


Game / Date Venue Time
1     10/7/09  Wed Philadelphia 2:37 pm
2     10/8/09  Thu Philadelphia 2:37 pm
3    10/10/09  Sat Denver 9:37 pm
4    10/11/09  Sun Denver TBA
5    10/13/09  Tue Philadelphia (if ness.) TBA



        The ALDS is still a mess, the Yankees have the right to say whether or not they want a 7 or 8 day schedule in the playoffs and the Minnesota Twins have to play the Detroit Tigers in a one game playoff on Tuesday to determine who will actually play the Yankees in the first round. The Twins came out of no where to force the one game playoff in Minnesota to either advance to the playoffs with a Minnesota win, or Detroit winning the game will send them to the playoffs. Talk about a nail biter. Read all about this here from the website.



        Scenes from the park on the last day of the regular season:



                               Kendrick continued to impress on the mound


                Cole warming up pre-game on the field, could be Gm 1 starter



                                     Kendrick looks to hit one at the plate




                                 Charlie Manuel keeps a close eye from the dug out

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