Thursday, October 08, 2009

Phillies announcer McCarthy's strength is on radio, it's on to Game 2

         Cole Hamels Postseason numbers: 4-1 with a 2.16 ERA with a total of 41.2 IP up to today

With TBS covering all the Division Series games, the Phillies announcers took turns calling the game on the radio yesterday. When I heard some of the game from the ballpark on my portable radio, I was surprised to hear how well Tom McCarthy sounded, he was so much better on radio than on tv. His strength is on the radio because that is what he's done mostly throughout his career.

The Phanavision at Citizen's Bank Park showed a picture of the broadcast booth and when it showed McCarthy there were a lot of boos. The fans have picked up that they don't like the way McCarthy comes across to them on television. It's a much different medium than the radio being on TV, and a lot of Phillies fans have the opinion that McCarthy just isn't a Phillies 'fan' when he does the TV portion of his job. McCarthy was never supposed to be the Phillies TV announcer all the way through the game, but when Harry Kalas passed away, it became his full time job on TV.

I think the Phillies organization would do well to shake up the mix in the TV booth next year by having less of McCarthy doing the TV portion, and go back to having him on the radio a little more.

Game 2 today at CBP in South Philadelphia. The place was rocking yesterday. Lint from the 'rally towels' was everywhere! Cole Hamels gets to prove himself this afternoon, he needs to take a page out of Cliff Lee's book from yesterday and keep the ball low and don't hang many off speed pitches up there. If Cole can do that, he'll be successful. He gets into trouble when he gets the ball up in the zone. I know the Rockies would like to go home with this series tied, but the Phillies need to play like there is no tomorrow and bring this victory home and then go out to a cold Denver venue where the forecast is possible snow showers on Saturday night.

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