Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meet The Press must agree the Phillies are awesome!




       David Gregory: perhaps practicing to have Torre “Meet The Press”

                                 photo: pvsbond from flickr


The Dodgers had a big fan rooting them on last night at Citizen’s Bank Park, he was even on the radio pre-game with Jim Jackson. In case you didn’t know his name or thought ‘he looks familiar but I don’t know his name’, he had his Dodgers jacket on with his name and the number ‘4’ on the back. David Gregory who is on NBC’s “Meet The Press” was in town and rooting his favorite team on.


    He probably left the stadium in a sour mood, though and that’s how the Phillies fans like it!


     The fans were very vocal last night to Manny Ramirez. “You took steroids” was the chant from just about everywhere in the stadium every time he went up to the plate. I am not so sure you could hear it on TV, but the fans were letting Manny have it. The fans in the left field area just near Harry the K’s restaurant pounced on Manny as soon as he took his spot in left field, they jeered him very loudly and he must have turned a deaf ear to it all because it didn’t seem to bother him all that much.


     Manny would have been the hero for the Dodgers last night, as his game saving catch corresponded with a good night at the plate for him. He’s going to be in the Hall of Fame someday so we have to chalk it down as we are actually seeing one of baseball’s legends play the game.


    The Phillies meanwhile are making their own legends. Jimmy Rollins is already perhaps the best shortstop to play the game for the Phillies with his clutch performances and his catalyst ways. Ryan Howard is putting himself into the stratosphere with every passing game. He just tied a guy named Lou Gehrig for the most postseason rbi’s streak at 8 games in a row with an rbi. If in Wednesday’s game, Howard hit’s a runner in, the record will be his. Cliff Lee is upping his stock price for the coming years with his tough pitching performances, and the Phillies aren’t done yet. There may be another 7 game series for them coming up real soon. 

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