Saturday, October 03, 2009

Marlins tame Phils offense with only 2 more games to go

   Last night was a great opportunity for the Phillies to make their case for home field advantage. A win would have put them closer to that goal of getting home field in the playoffs. It’s so important to have it in the playoff atmosphere, that it’s almost like an extra player out there on the field.

  The Marlins had other ideas though last night and pummeled the Phillies for 14 hits on the night, and scored 7 runs against them to win 7-2. Joe Blanton looked tired and weary and couldn’t get the Marlins out at times. Joe Blanton was pounded for 9 of the Rockies 14 hits and he had 5 ER on the night which took his record to 12-8 in the loss. Ironically it makes Joe Blanton stay at 12 wins and he is tied with Jamie Moyer for highest number of wins for a Phillies pitcher on the season.

   The Phillies starters look really bad in the last couple of games. Is this surprising? The season was a long one and now with the playoffs it’s going to be longer. Do they have enough gas in the tank to make it? Team batting average is 10th in the league with .258, that should be an offseason priority to improve that next year. The Phillies simply need to get on base more and start scoring runners. The long ball has it’s place, but if you can’t score in ‘small ball’ you may not win in the long run.

    It’s down to the last two regular season games on Saturday and Sunday and then it’s playoff time on Wednesday, where or who is still a mystery. Stay tuned!

Big Joe's ending Regular Season stats:

12 Wins  and  8 Losses

ERA: 4.05

Started 31 Games in 2009

195.1 IP

Surrendered 30 HR and 59 BB on season

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