Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Games start today in Phillies Red October


Phillies Banner

        This is my banner design that I may bring to the game today! Optimistic?




        The Division Series gets underway today in Philly at the early time of 2:37 pm prompting a buyers market for tickets in the secondary but ‘official’ place where you can sell your tickets or buy at Just a couple days ago, there was 4,200 tickets for sale and with that amount of tickets available the price goes down as many ticket holders are trying to sell their tickets. The price just naturally gravitates down the more tickets are available. As of this morning the day of the playoff game 1 there is still 1247 tickets available for sale a lot of them are still what you would call ‘reasonable’ considering the game is a sell out. A lot of sellers start adjusting their prices upward as the supply goes down, but there are still bargains to be had. Just a few years ago, they called this practice "scalping" -especially if you did it on the grounds of the Phillies stadium. Now, it’s not only legal to sell you tickets for several times the face value, it’s deemed ‘official’ by the MLB to do it. Go figure.


        Cliff Lee is getting the start today after most media outlets including already had Cole Hamels as being the starter in matchup reports as late as Monday morning. The official starter was not released by manager Charlie Manuel till around 12:30 pm on Tuesday at the light workout that the Phillies had at Citizens Bank Park. In a way it’s a good thing that Hamels doesn’t start today as the weather is expected to be less than perfect. This naming of Lee though to me sends a message, “Lee is our Ace.” And that’s probably a tough message to swallow for Hamels who was last year’s World Series MVP and he was generally considered to be the ace of the staff before Lee came on board.


       The other roster selections didn’t yield that much surprise. The biggest surprise to me was Eric Bruntlett not being included on the NLDS roster. Bruntlett didn’t set the world on fire but I remember him being used in key fill in roles with the club and doing a great job at that, and then not being included in the NLDS is like a huge slap in the face to him. That’s the biggest surprise to me, I thought Bruntlett did a much better job than Cairo throughout the season and now Cario goes to the playoffs and Bruntlett goes home.


        Hopefully the Phillies forget their regular season woes now, and become more consistent at playing basic baseball, hits and scoring runners instead of living of the home run ball. If they can do this they advance to the next round. If they stumble and bumble to score RISP, they will go home and watch the rest of the playoffs and wonder how far they would have gone if they only played better.

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