Saturday, October 10, 2009

Game 3 in Pedro's hands tonight, Phillies need to start offense earlier

Win Game 3 for ‘Monty G’ a big Phillies fan who was at the Game 1 pre game party, and danced with the Phanatic in the 7th inning later that day

The suspense was like that in a James Bond novel. Charlie Manuel kept everyone waiting to see who was going to pitch Game 3 for the Phillies. Finally, it was announced at a 2:45 pm Denver time press conference on Friday on who would start. To much surprise it’s Pedro Martinez. Manuel used two starters as relievers in Game 2 in Philly, but not to the point where they couldn’t start again. Martinez joked with the press that he knows it’s his turn after the game on Thursday in Philly and maybe he knew something before anyone else because it will be his turn on Saturday night.

        Manuel’s moves came under scrutiny in Game 2 when the game really wasn’t that out of control. A 4 run deficient by Cole Hamels by the fifth inning sounded an alarm in Charlie to go out and start bringing in starters. The Phillies offense couldn’t get anything started through the bottom of the fifth inning. If the Phillies had scored a run or two in those five innings I don’t think Manuel would have panicked like he did. The real culprit is the Phillies offense in Game 2 and not so much Hamels although he took the brunt of being on the hook for it.

        The Phillies offense has not come out swinging in this series yet, even though a lot of players have gotten some hits already. I know the Phillies offense did well in Game 1 in the middle of the game. The whole scenario of Game 1’s offense to me felt like it was kick started when Cliff Lee got a hit and stole a base. Up to that point the Phillies offense was comatose and had nothing going for it like it did the whole time Hamels was out there. Chase Utley hasn’t looked too good in this series. He’s struck out several times looking, you can’t get on base that way. Jimmy Rollins would do well to pickup the pace as well.

             It’s off to Game 3 in this very short series in Colorado tonight at 9:30 pm, snow maybe falling and I doubt you can actually play baseball in the snow so it will be interesting to see what happens weather wise tonight. The Phillies need a win out here to take some pressure off of them tonight, or it could be the harbinger of an off season for them and end up as a repeat of 2007 when the Phillies lost in the first round to the Colorado Rockies.

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