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Game 1 World Series 2009 preview – Phillies vs Yankees

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      Game 1 is scheduled to start on Wednesday night at 7:57 pm in the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Phillies fans have been waiting for nearly a week now to see their team pickup where it left off against the Dodgers. It really seems like a long time since the Phillies clinched the berth into the World Series. In baseball time, it’s about a month ago, even though it was only week exactly since the Phillies won Game 5 of the NLCS at home.

       We’ll see if the weather improves, but for now as of Wednesday morning, it looks like rain will dominate the NY area. Here’s a screen shot of the radar for the NJ/NY area:

      Las Vegas has come out on the side of the Yankees. The Yanks are favorites to win it all. I don’t know why the bookmakers wouldn’t show some love towards the Phillies this year, but this is what Vegas says are the odds for this Series:

World Series win by team


and this is Game 1 odd's:
Game 1 money line


     If you’ve never bet on a game in Vegas or elsewhere, this is what it those odds mean. If you bet $100 on the Phillies, you would win $175 plus your $100 wager back if the Phils won it all. If you bet on the Yankees, you would have to wager $210 to win $100, or if the Yankees won you would get your $100 plus your original $210 back. The same would apply for a Game 1 bet, you would need to put up $165 for the Yankees to win $100 or the if you took the Phillies, you bet $100 to win $150 and  you get what you bet back as well with a win.

Cliff Lee vs C.C. Sabathia in Game 1

  The pitching matchup will be awesome for Game 1. Two Cy Young winners  will go at it, and though many players have ended up hitting each pitcher in other games, the focus will be on them to bring home a victory for their team in Game 1. It will be the first time for Cliff Lee in pitching in a World Series game, and it will be first as well for C.C. Sabathia in pitching in the World Series. In fact, Alex Rodriguez has never been in a World Series game either for that matter until tonight. He is in his 16th season.

  Raul Ibanez has faced C.C. the most as a Phillies batter with 40 AB’s against him. Raul is a .275 hitter against C.C. and has 2 HR and 9 RBI with 10 SO in his career against Sabathia. Here’s some more Phillies and what they’ve done vs. Sabathia:

Jimmy Rollins
13 AB
5 H
1 BB
.385 BA
Shane Victorino
10 AB
5 H
.556 BA
Ryan Howard
9 AB
3 H
4 SO
.333 BA

  The first game could be won by other factors as well. Who will make the most mistakes, or what manager will make the wrong moves. That’s been a concern for Yankee fans all year. A lot of fans think that Yankee manager, Joe Girardi, over manages the team at times. We’ll see if that comes into play for this series. Charlie Manuel on the other hand sometimes lets the game play on, and does not exert his managerial powers some times so it will be interesting to see this part of the game play out as well.

     This is the Yankees perfomance in the ALCS, it was a six game series.

        Min. 15 AB’s

Playoff Series Stats
Alex Rodriguez 6 21 6 9 0 3 6 8 3 .429
Melky Cabrera 6 23 3 9 0 0 4 3 6 .391
Johnny Damon 6 30 4 9 0 2 5 1 2 .300
Robinson Cano 6 23 4 6 2 0 4 4 3 .261
Derek Jeter 6 27 5 7 0 2 3 6 5 .259
Hideki Matsui 6 21 1 5 0 0 3 5 4 .238
Mark Teixeira 6 27 2 6 0 0 4 3 8 .222
Jorge Posada 6 20 3 4 0 1 1 5 5 .200
Nick Swisher 6 20 2 3 0 0 0 3 7 .150
Totals 70 222 33 62 2 8 30 38 47 .279
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