Thursday, October 29, 2009

Game 1 belongs to the Phillies 6-1


        No introduction necessary, and that’s what the Phillies got last night at Yankee Stadium. Usually at a championship game, both starting teams are introduced to the crowd but for some strange reason, the Yankees just wanted the Phillies to just come out on the field all together in one of the strangest pregame introductions I’ve ever heard. To the music of Star Wars, the night was started at ‘new’ Yankee Stadium last night. I think they wanted to create a certain mood with this, but on tv, it came off as cheap and not what you would expect from a Opening night at the World Series.


         The Phillies started right out with loading the bases out of the gate in the first inning, they couldn’t get anyone home though as some of the week off may have contributed to some rust that was lingering on the team. It was a real great start to the World Series for the team though. C.C. Sabathia didn’t look as sharp as he had in the rest of the playoffs, and the Phillies really handled him well. Chase Utley battled C.C. in both at bats in which he hit out of the park, he had 2 strikes on him for both homeruns that he hit. 


          Suddenly it looks for the moment that all the writers at ESPN that picked the Yankees should maybe reconsider their profession. Just about every columnist at picked the Yankees to win it all. The Phillies haven’t won it all yet, but they made a bold statement last night in the win in New York.


            The rain moved out of the New York area yesterday afternoon, but some mist still lingered around for most of the game. It made the stadium a damp and cold place to be on a Wednesday night, especially for the home town Yankee fans that saw their team lose the opening game of the Series.


              It was the first start in a World Series game for each starting pitcher last night, both C.C. and Cliff Lee made their first ever World Series starts. Here’s what Cliff had to say about this, "It's been a long time since I've been nervous playing this game, I've been doing this my whole life. It's what I do."  So if Cliff had butterflies, he didn’t show them, as he dominated the Yankee bats all night. Charlie Manuel talking about Lee’s start said, "If you want to know the truth, I knew he was good when we got him, but I didn't know he'd be as good as he's been." Cliff had 10 SO and a CG on the night for the win for the Phillies.


              Chase Utley powered the offense last night. His errors in the NLCS seemed to have vanished and never to be seen again with that performance he put in last night. We’ll see who comes up big for the Phillies tonight as Pedro Martinez will start for the Phillies and it shows just how big these two acquisitions have been for the    Phillies this year.

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  1. You're right. Cliff Lee sure made those ESPN analysts look foolish. Next up is Pedro, maybe he'll strike out 17 Yanks again! Hopefully! I've also stocked up on all of my Philly merch at this great site's steal of a deal is a Cliff Lee 8x10!!!