Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Destiny takes the Phillies one step closer to World Series in dramatic 5-4 late win in Game 4


   Cole Hamels Pic NLCS 2009      

            It’s up to Cole to bring home a win on Wednesday for the NLCS


   The Phillies were down to the last out. There had been 26 outs that they Phillies have made up to the point of Jimmy Rollins coming up to bat for the Phillies. We’ve often heard the phrase on TBS from Chip Caray and the crew, “27 outs are the Dodgers mantra” they have told us. And indeed it is, but at the end of this night by the time the Dodgers got their 27 outs, the Phillies had pulled off a last inning miracle two out win 5-4 in the bottom of the 9th that left many speechless.


         That had to be one of the most thrilling playoff games that the Phillies have played ever. The Phils looked great to start this game off, but really went somewhat cold in the middle of the game on offense. The game was a battle royal, though and the loud crowd made a point to yell and scream at every pitch. It really looked as if this series would end up tied at 2 games each when the Phillies couldn’t score any base runners in the bottom of the 8th inning when there was Victorino and Utley on, and Howard and Werth couldn’t get anything going against Dodger pitching. Thank goodness there is a 9th inning though and Jimmy Rollins had one of the biggest hits for the Phillies that he may have ever had to date. He was the last hope of the Phillies with two outs and he delivered.


   If this game went to the Dodgers, the chances that the Phillies would win went down as this series would have been going to LA for two games and possibly stretch the series into a 7th game. It still may be, for all we know. The playoffs are strange and aren’t easily predicted. Lose a couple and your back is up against the wall.


        The Phillies can now end this series on Wednesday, and the tough battle for the NL can end. If the Phillies lose on Wednesday, they will open another door for the Dodgers and this series will return to LA. The Dodgers odds then go up to do something that isn’t impossible and that is to win 3 in a row.


         I thought Blanton stayed in this game a little too late, he shouldn’t have been in there for the RBI single that scored Manny Ramirez in the 6th putting the Dodgers up 4-2,  in the end now though it doesn’t matter with the Phils dramatic win in the bottom of the 9th. Both managers are not issuing any intentional walks in this series. Manuel is pitching to Manny and Kemp, and Torre is pitching to Howard and Utley. The managers just want this game to play out and so far they aren’t trying to change to course of the game by making moves such as double steals, and being overly aggressive.


        I still don’t know how Chooch scored from first base on the Rollins hit, and I don’t want to find out… it’s magic I tell you Phillies magic!



         There is an off day on Tuesday, and then Game 5 on Wednesday at 8:05 pm where the Phillies can win it all. They should pull out all the stops to do this, and anything less will not be a good thing. Ticket prices for Game 5 went through the roof shortly after the Game 4 ending. Most seats for this game are on StubHub.com starting at $225 and up anywhere in the park.

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