Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Washington is next on Phils roadtrip shocker

It won't be this pitcher on the mound for the Nats tonight!

The good news is that during most of the sweep by the Astros, the other teams chasing the Phillies have also lost. Atlanta is on a 5 game skid and the Marlins lost their last game, but the fish have also won 4 straight before that loss. The Phillies find themselves much like the Mets did two seasons ago, up by a comfortable margin but playing so shakily that the house of cards could actually fall in on them and put them out of the division lead and out of the playoffs. The Phillies play 3 important games with Florida in Miami on the 22-23rd of September. If they don't get the job done and beat them at least 2 out of 3, the stage could be set for trouble down the road when the Phillies close out the season with the Marlins at home in October.

The Nationals want nothing more to be a spoiler, they lay in wait for teams like the Phillies and other contenders and bring their best to the ballpark to try to beat them. The Nats are 47-90, and the last 10 games they are 2-8. The Phils should come in their and sweep this series. I say sweep, and then it comes down to game time and the Phillies think they're playing the 1929 Yankees and can't get a hit off of anyone. It's frustrating and at the same time puzzling. Let's see what happens tonight down in DC in this horrific roadtrip that the Phillies need to change around really quick.

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