Monday, September 21, 2009

Victorino brushes umpire yesterday, will there be a penalty?

Shane Victorino is officially in need of some anger management. He flew off the handle yesterday and went on a tantrum after being called out at second on a close play. It happened just into the first inning in Atlanta and after being called out, Victorino really unleashed a tirade after he learned he was thrown out of the game.

   What happened after Shane learned he was thrown out?  He then continued his tirade and brushed the ump with his arm and then 1st base coach Davey Lopes stepped between the ump and Victorino. I don't think the Phillies broadcasters mentioned the fact that he did actually make contact with the umpire.

    Time will tell if there is any penalty for this, I haven't read about it anywhere this morning so perhaps it will just go away.

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