Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday brings another start for Martinez as a Phillie


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Many people had thought that they had seen the last of Pedro Martinez on a pitcher's mound. He completed a four year contract with the Mets and then due to persistent injury he disappeared for what some people though was forever. He went 5-6 in 20 starts in 2008 for the Mets and this just wasn't Pedro's style. He also had a huge contract from the Mets over that 4 year span and some fans still wonder about the return the Mets got on that contract and whether or not the team got short changed on the deal. Still in the offseason Pedro made it known that he was available, but for a many months, no team expressed very much interest in Martinez until the mid point of the season when he value or risk became something a team would be willing to bet on.The long time that Pedro was on the market really diminished what a team would pay him and what he would be willing to accept.

    Here's a portion of a post from "MetsBlog by Matthew Cerrone" on Pedro's off season quotes trying to let all the teams know including the Mets that he was available.

             Pedro Martinez is quoted by the Daily News as saying he would like to return to the Mets, “but I’m not going to go chasing the Mets.”
“I have my goals and I have my things that I want to achieve in life,” Martinez said.  “If it’s not with the Mets, it will be with someone else.  But if they want a fifth starter who’s been there – I don’t know how much they want me – I’m available.”

       The Phillies and Ruben Amaro and staff did take that chance with Martinez. Did the Phillies get as much from a resurgent Martinez than the Mets got from him most of his contract over four years? Not quite yet, but Pedro is 5-0 and pitching very well. He goes for his 6th win as a Phillies player later tonight in Atlanta.

 Pedro's stats so far:

              5-0  -  2.87 -  37.2 IP - 34 SO  - 6 BB

        The magic number is down to 8 now, with the season looking like the Phillies will take the division NL East for the third straight year. The last time the Phillies won the division three times in a row was 1976-77-78 so enjoy this run that the Phillies are having! This hasn't happened all that much in the last 30 years with the Phillies, that is for sure.

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