Monday, September 14, 2009

Phils mesmerize the Mets- "Who's The Boss?"

Danza sang one of the best renditions of The Star Spangled Banner that I've heard ever!

The Phillies were in a position at the start of play Sunday that could have seen them as little as 3.5 games ahead of the Marlins if everything worked out for the worst yesterday with the Marlins winning and the Phils losing two. The exact opposite happened though with the Marlins losing and the Phils leaving the Mets on the losing end of two games in one day.

There was a little bit of everything on the day and night of games offered up to the fans in the grueling 1:05 PM and 8:05 PM game times for the fans who went to both of the games, but it was a baseball lover's dream really to see that much in a 12 hour span. The ESPN game was the make up game from a rain date back in May which was a Sunday also. The gates for the second game didn't open till 6:35 pm for the nightcap and I am not so sure that it really benefits a team to have two games set up like that with all the cleaning that happens throughout the whole stadium and just physically having all the employees who have to be there again for the second game when it starts get a 2 hour break and then right back at it. It seems like it would have been much easier to do this the way it used to be done, and that is give two games for the price of one with the makeup game just packaged with another game that the fans get to see an hour after the end of the first game.

  The Phillies came out to play in the first game, and before it was all over, they nearly again lost with the perfomance of Brad Lidge on the mound. Lidge came in to close the game out, although originally it was said he was going to be used in low stress situations for a while. This one nearly was lost again by Lidge who still is getting into trouble, and most troubling by the Phillies when he was on the mound was letting the Mets steal second base twice without so much as caring about it. The Phils hung on to win the first game 5-4 before a brilliant start by Kyle Kendrick who previously picked up 21 wins for the Phils in his career and this one makes it a total of 22. Radio announcer, and former Phillies pitcher, Larry Anderson, was very impressed with the start and he said Kyle has really picked up nicely with the change up pitch that adds another pitch to his repetroire.

   I was lucky enough to between games have a wonderful meal at McFadden's at the Ballpark and at the same time see Larry Anderson and Tony Danza take part in a radio show between games on 1210, The Big Talker. Danza, who sang the National Anthem before game 2, was in the restaurant and he was filming the radio show appearence that may be part of his filming for A&E's series he is doing in Philadelphia called called Teach. There was about a 12 person entourage that filmed and produced his segment on the radio show. The techies carried thier wireless TV equipment right around the dining guests that seemed to really love all of the "Hollywood treatments" that came along with Danza.

   Game 2 of course was on ESPN, and that brings in a certain crowd of people as well. A lot of colorful characters who aspire to get on network TV sports programming by wearing strange costumes and plenty of body paint were in the crowd. The Phillies clung on to a 1-0 score the whole game, and it was Pedro's night as he pitched a marvelous game and sort of won me over as well on this performance. I've been a little tough on Pedro when it was learned that he would be joining the World Champs. He is quickly becoming a Philly favorite and that is for sure.

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