Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Phils earn victory despite Lidge nearly blowing it again

The good news is Brad Lidge didn't blow the game last night when he came into the game with the Phillies ahead 5-3. Lidge was brought into the game in the 9th again, and he started off as he had in previous attempts to close games. Lidge walked the first batter, then the second batter grounded down to third base and despite a bad throw from Feliz, they got an out at first and the runner from first advanced to second. Lidge then hit the third batter, and put runners on first and second. What more does this mean other than Lidge needs to have time off? Manuel just keeps putting him out there and Lidge just keeps getting deeper in his own personal slump. The next batter, the ball pitched from Lidge got away from Ruiz becuase it was no where near the pitch was supposed to be, and the runners advanced to second, and third. The batter was walked, and with the bases loaded, Lidge was taken out of the game and Ryan Madson was brought into this situation and somehow walked away with the save.

The Phillies earlier in the night cruised on something that they know well. The home run. The Phillies hit all of their runs by it tonight. Ibanez hit 2 homeruns, Ruiz, Utley, and Werth also hit the long ball in the game. Pedro got his 4th win as a Phillie, and his ERA is 3.64. Five total home runs by Fightin Phils on this night propelled them to the win. The weather will play a big factor in the remaining games in Washington as rain is forecasted each night of the games remaining so we'll see if they can get this series in down there before the Phillies come back home to face the NY Mets.

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