Friday, September 25, 2009

Phillies woes: RISP or Lidge - Does it matter?

  In trying to figure out the mysteries of why Brad Lidge has imploded so many times this year, I started to think about the other Phillies woes that they've had this year. One of the most glaring problems this season has been scoring runners from scoring position. This problem has been with the Phillies for some time, and it was with them in the playoffs and World Series last year.

  The Phillies went 1-28 with RISP last year in the World Series, but somehow still found a way to win it all. It begs the question, with all that has happened to the Phillies with RISP and Brad Lidge losing 8 games for the Phils, does it matter at all when the Phillies are on the verge of clinching and taking their third division title in three years.

 A little improvement in both areas could have yielded fantastic results this year. Just a few games where the results came out differently could have had the Phillies with more wins than the Yankees this year. This group of players on this team aren't like that though, they didn't want to take the MLB by storm, or it just happened to work out that way. This team is more grit than glamor. A team that fights and slugs until the last out.

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