Monday, September 07, 2009

Phillies swept by Astros 4 games in Houston

Houston took it to the Fightin Phils for this 4 game series in Houston

What is happening to the Phillies? J.A. Happ was supposed to be starting today and he had shoulder troubles so Jamie Moyer got the impromptu start with 2 hours notice. Jamie pitched an awesome game again, but the Phillies somehow managed to lose another one. I think they are starting to get comfortable losing for some reason.

Again the Phillies scored with the long ball hitting two home runs, and getting another score in on a Ryan Howard RBI that scored Victorino. The team can't live by the home run though, and the Phils could not score anyone else from the bases again going 1-9 with RISP. This sounds like a broken record, and it's a major concern for the team. They lose today 4-3 and the series was a complete loss by the team.

Do they fall completely apart here in September? It's hard to put a handle on everything that is going wrong for the team. One thing is for sure, they are not getting base runners around the bases and scoring them. You can't win games this way and so far anything that's been tried to fix it hasn't worked by the coaching staff.

By the numbers today:

Jamie Moyer - 6 IP - 3H - 2R -- 4.98 ERA

Chase Utley - 0-4

Pedro Feliz - 0-3 - .268 BA

Howard HR # 38

Ibanez HR #28

Don't look now but the Dodgers got a win today from Vincente Padilla who they acquired in late August, Padilla already has two wins since he became a Dodger. If the Phillies face the Dodgers in the playoffs, they will most likely face their old pitcher Vincente Padilla.

Other notes concerning the Dodgers: Manny was thrown out of the ballgame today and has been in a big slump, maybe if he gets a hair cut t
hings will change for him. I don't ever recall seeing a player allowed to wear his hair that long in the major leagues, I've said it before that Manny is bad for baseball, and I am saying it again!

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  1. Manny's sort of like the Phils right now. When he slumps, he just tells the press he doesn't have to do well because he's already a legend. The Phillies playing right now is reminiscent of "Well, we won last year, and now we're tired. Get off our backs."