Sunday, September 06, 2009

Phillies sink with Lidge on the mound

Once again Brad Lidge let the Phillies down. His miracle season of last year is still in the minds of us big fans of the Phillies, we'll never forget it. We also won't forget this season by Lidge, he's been in a word: terrible. If the Phillies continue to stick with him, they'll get getting just what they got last night. A pitcher that can't close a game anymore, he gets in trouble and just can't get the job done. Charlie Manuel has chosen to stick with him, and as with each blown save that comes down the road, Manuel deserves a lot of the blame in this as well. A manager should recognise that something is really wrong and Manuel just doesn't care to. Jason Michaels scored the winning run on a Kaz Matsui hit to sink the Phillies on the night and send Lidge to his 7th loss this year in front of his former team.

Lidge has gone full circle, he's a pitcher with a stamp on him now. Hitable, is the word and the other teams know it. So each time he goes out there to close a game, it's going to be a roller coaster ride. Lidge needs to take a break from it, he should no longer be tagged as the closer. No other team has a closer that is even close to his numbers let alone a team like the Phillies who are trying to repeat as World Champions again.
Lidge's numbers: 0-7 - 10 BS - 7.15 ERA - salary this year : $12,000,000

Lidge isn't the only guy on the team that is like Jekyll and Hyde. Raul Ibanez, who early in the season took the offensive reins of this ballclub, has been cold as ice lately. He's gone from a guy that could do no wrong in the first couple months of the season to someone that rarely even gets a hit now. Raul has batted .193 in the month of August with only 1 home run, this was a player who had the most home runs of any Phillies for the first two months of the season. Is this a slump or is it something worse? Remember the flap about 'steroids' being associated with Ibanez? Well, that's how good he was doing, nothing could really explain it and some hinted that he may be on something to enhance his performance. Whatever that was, it certainly is not part of the picture now. Ibanez got really angry and lashed out at the media for the possible steroids reference, but I haven't seen him get real mad at his own performance now, so go figure.

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