Monday, September 07, 2009

Milt Thompson, the absent hitting coach

Milt Thompson -Phillies hitting coach

I am not so sure about the Phillies recent slide, part of me wants to think it's just the nature of the game and not what the Phillies will be doing in a couple weeks as the regular season ends. The Phillies have struggled mightily to produce very much at times during the season, and even in the playoffs and World Series last year. I am wondering how much of this could be corrected by the right hitting coach.

Does Phillies hitting coach Milt Thompson share any of the blame in the terrible performances by Phillies hitters lately? I haven't heard too much about him, just about the slumping team. That is what a good coach is supposed to do, get his team motivated and put them back on the road to success. When the team succeeds the coach gets all the accolades, and when they struggle the light has to be on them to see what happens next.

The Phils ended up losing yesterday against the Houston Astros. They once again fell silent and lost the game despite scoring three runs. Players who play against the Phillies really well aren't dealt with by Charlie Manuel either. Instead of maybe walking a player intentionally who may have a couple of hits in a game to get to a player who isn't so hot, the game is allowed to play on with no guiding from Manuel. It's almost like the game is put on 'cruise control' and what ever happens, happens.

The Phillies got all of their runs by the home run yesterday, once again they just can't put runners on base and score them. You can't survive by the home run only and this team needs to pull together and try to realize this and try to fix it. Phillies broadcaster, Chris Wheeler, sent out a twitter messege after the game yesterday, he said the ex-Phil Michael Bourn and his speed still means a lot in baseball.

The Phils try to salvage at least one game in Houston later today at 2:05pm from Minute Maid Park in Houston.

J.A. Happ goes for the Phillies today, and then they head to the airport in Houston to go to Washington. Can they get hits in Washington? Or will the Phillies hitters make their pitchers look like Cy Young candidates also?

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