Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mets comeback to win, Charlie watches; play on!

     Did I mention the Eagles Cheerleaders will be back to work cheering on the Eagles tomorrow?

This column was supposed to be all about how the Phillies won today and earned Jamie Moyer his 13th victory. Well, that's not what ended up happening so now we try to figure out what went wrong. The Mets were allowed to comeback and win this game from the bullpen who gave up 5 runs between Brett Myers and his 3 ER and Ryan Madson who gave up a key two run homer up to David Wright. Wright was about the hottest hitter on the day, he first hit a long ball off of Myers and then went on to victimize Madson.

    Why doesn't Phillies manager, Charlie Manuel, recognize a player who is hurting his team and do something about it? He almost never intentionally walks someone, or god forbid even has a pitcher throw a ball inside and tight on someone who is hitting the Phillies. Fair old Charlie, that's him. He's watching the game from the dugout but I think he forgets sometimes that he is the manager and he can pull some tricks out of his sleeve to help his team. 

    The Division Series is just around the corner, and should the Phillies make it to the playoffs, they probably won't have home field advantage that is a big thing to have in the Division series as the team that doesn't have home field only gets to host two games at home in a five game series. The way the league works out the playoffs can be read about here.

     What more can you say about the bullpen of the Phillies. They were flawless for most of the season, sans Lidge. I thought their luck had changed when that ball bounced off of Howard and Utley threw out the Mets base runner at first anyway today in the 9th for the first out. It was the ball that Ryan Madson would love to have back, the high inside fastball to David Wright that made all the difference today. Mets win, and it made a lot of Mets fans giddy, it's going to be a long off season Mets fans, and to think I actually felt sorry for you when I read how much they charge you all to see a game at Citi Field... No more, and you actually have to pay to see this team?

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