Friday, September 11, 2009

Marlins sweep Mets, Phils lose in DC lead down to 5

The NL East is shaping up to be a barn burner. The young pesky Florida Marlins are sensing that they have a chance to sneak up on the Phillies and unseat them from their perch atop the NL East. The Florida Marlins just swept the Mets, which is what the Phillies needed to do with the Nationals but last night was just not their night. The Nationals clubbed the Phillies in a close score at the end 8-7 despite a massive comeback attempt by the Phillies in the ninth inning. The game looked out of reach for the Phils for most of the middle portion of the game.

The Phillies now need to find a way to win. They have to think base hits instead of the home run, when there are runners on base they need to do whatever they can to bring the runners around. Watch old Pete Rose videos perhaps he can show the Phils how to do this. The division is very much in jeopardy at this point especially the way the Phillies have been playing. We'll see if they have it in them to steady the course and start playing winning baseball. It looks like it will take a miracle to get tonight's game in as I write this, it's been raining for 8 hours so far without any end in sight. It's Phillies and the Mets for a four game series over the weekend.

NL Pitching Wins:

1. Adam Wainwright, STL
2. Chris Carpenter, STL
3. Jason Marquis, COL
4. Joel Pineiro, STL
5. Josh Johnson, FLA

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