Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hearing footsteps of Atlanta, Phils lead down to 4 in NL East, this is getting ‘Barzardo’ bizarre

Sgt. Pepper - Inside
Phillies would like to “Get A Little Help From My Friends” with the Marlins getting a win vs. the Braves on Tuesday night in Atlanta

The game on Monday night was a tough one to lose. The Phillies have coasted through a road trip and came home to lose the first one with the Houston Astros while watching the Braves win 15 of their last 17 games including their first game of the series last night against the Marlins. The Braves are now just 4 GB in the NL East, I don’t care about the Wild Card anymore. I am afraid for the whole division the Phillies could end up losing if they don’t pull out all the stops and just win. It’s easy to say, but not as easy to do.

   There are only 6 games left now, and this is a full out and out race to the finish line now for the Phillies to get a win. The Phillies just didn’t have anything tonight to offer on offense, they made a guy named ‘Bazardo’ a winner against the Phillies for his first win of the year. Bazardo went to spring training with the Phillies, and then he comes out to pitch against them and win. Can anyone say, Ed Wade is a real weasel?

    8-2 is the score that the Phillies lost by and hardly a game that the Phillies wanted to lose at home on Monday night. The Phils have left all of their fans in a serious fog of concern. Have the Phillies run out of gas? How big is not having a top rate catcher in now, when they really need experience behind the plate? All of this is coming into focus now and it’s the worst possible time for it to happen for the team in a season where they have really coasted most of the season in first place.

     The Phillies can go 2-5 at home for these last seven games and still win the divison if the Braves lose 2 games, the Phillies will still be in as divison winners. The Braves basically have to win all their remaining games and the Phillies would have to lose 4 more games straight for them to be in serious jeopardy to lose the NL East.

       Don’t give up the ship and keep the faith, the Phillies will be the NL East Champions by the end of this season. You can bet the farm on that!

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