Thursday, September 24, 2009

The curse on Lidge continues, Phils lose with blown save 7-6


Thoughts of maybe he made a deal with the devil last year race around in one's head as this year hasn't been kind to Brad Lidge. If he would have just retired last year, it would have been fine. To go out when you where the best, a perfect season, is about the best you can ask for.

        Things have changed dramatically for Brad Lidge this season. He's a changed pitcher and it seems as if there is a curse following him when he goes out there on the mound. There's a lingering doubt about whether he'll get hit every time he goes out on the mound anymore.

         I was at the last Phillies home game before the road trip on Sunday. Lidge came out of the bullpen and he was still given a round of ecstatic applause. He strode to the mound, and again got into trouble. The Phillies had a few run lead thankfully, and the damage that was done wasn't enough to lose the game for the Phillies on this day. Last night was another story though, and now the cat is out of the bag. Lidge should no longer be the closer for this baseball team.

         Fortunes changes, seasons change and for whatever reason Brad Lidge changed. He has went from perfect to anything but in a short amount of time. The patience Charlie Manuel has had with him should be gone, Lidge is broke and nothing is seeming to fix him.

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