Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cliff Lee: Why he hasn't had success lately


 The reason why Cliff Lee hasn't been effective lately as he was when he came to the Phillies from the Indians is simple. When he first arrived on the Phillies team, Lee went straight after hitters and kept the ball low and he painted corners from side to side of home plate. Lately, Lee has been hanging pitches up in the zone and batters have been making him pay for it. The bad pitches last night were only a few but Milwaukee seemed to make the most of their opportunities again as they scored 4 quick runs off of Lee in the first inning.

   It always seems as if Cliff Lee is going to dominate the way he runs out to the mound and gets down to business. Last night though, it was him turning around to see where the ball was just hit more than anything.

  The way Lee has changed in the last couple starts is not all that good. The Phillies benefited from the success he had in the early going with the team, but now everything has settled back to earth surrounding Mr. Lee and I don't know if anyone really considers him as the 'ace' of the Phillies team anymore. To mention that, do the Phillies even have an 'Ace' this year?



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