Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Now who's the odd man out in Phillies rotation? Manuel mad when asked

Will Ruben put all his pitcher's on the wheel and where it stops, they are out of the rotation?

There was more excitement at the ballpark tonight than there has been in a while, all courtesy of J.A. Happ. The Phillies most recently had Happ in a trade package for Roy Halladay just less than 10 days ago that never happened. The Phillies log jam of pitchers have all gathered downstream for now, and there is only 5 spots in the starting rotation and speculation has said that J.A. Happ may be moved to the bullpen is now a real puzzler at what may happen to him.

The crowd gave Happ a standing ovation twice tonight with an ecstatic enthusiasm that rocked the stadium. I wonder if the Phillies brass would have the balls to move him to the bullpen now? He's one of the hottest pitcher's in the league really, so it's going to be a tough decision to make room for a guy like Pedro Martinez and sit a young upstart like J.A. Happ.

Statistically, if they wanted to pick the guy that's on the downside it would be Cole Hamels or possibly Jamie Moyer if you had to pick the pitcher that hasn't been producing in the last two starts for the team. To take J.A. Happ out of the rotation now could be a bad omen for the team, and end up backfiring on the team in the long run.

The Phils won again behind J.A. Happ, and with his 10 strikeouts and allowed only 4 hits on the night and hit a double. If anyone can say they've been maltreated by a team for doing well, it would be Happ. He practically hasn't had any respect by GM Ruben Amaro and other members of the Phillies top brass. Time will tell what will happen with the Phillies rotation, but the Amaro GM dream team shouldn't even consider moving him anywhere. If they do, they face the wrath of fans and writers.

Charlie Manuel got really mad in the post game interview when asked if Happ deserves to stay in the rotation. He abruptly said, 'I am not going to answer that' in so many words. That is a bad answer, really. I expected a little bit more support there from Manuel who is supposed to be a 'players' manager. He didn't sound like it in the post game interview at an innocent question, thank god Charlie doesn't face the New York media.

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