Thursday, August 06, 2009

Phillies take two from Rockies, next up the Marlins

Did you know that the Florida Marlins have their own Cheerleaders called the Mermaids?

The Phillies made a big improvement in the series with the Rockies by winning the second and third games from them in their home series with them. Number one, it halted a losing streak of a couple games and Number 2, Cliff Lee got his first home start and win against the Rockies as he becomes more familiar with his teammates.

No official announcement on what moves may be made in the rotation, and Ruben Amaro seems to be leaning with a six man rotation, which on the surface sounds like a really great idea to me. It gives the pitcher's an extra day's rest and we head into the last portion of the season in the Phillies quest towards the playoffs. I think they should consider this very much, as it spreads out the starts and perhaps it leaves a more fresh roster of starters.

The Phillies aren't the only baseball team toying with the idea of a six man rotation for pitching. The Boston Red Sox are considering it as well at least for a couple of cycles in their rotation. Read more about what Ruben said at a press conference right here on Todd Zolecki's blog called the ZoZone.

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