Sunday, August 16, 2009

Phillies take national stage on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball tonight at 8:00pm

The Phillies finish out their road trip tonight down in Atlanta for an 8 pm game on ESPN. The Phils send JA Happ (8-2) to the mound, and he is opposed by Javier Vasquez (10-7) for the Braves.

A lot of work goes into bringing the ESPN show to the screen on Sunday nights, here is a couple of cool behind the scenes videos that show you all about the make up of a Sunday night game.

How have the Phillies done all year when on the Sunday 8pm ESPN game? They led off the season against the Braves on April 5th this year on ESPN Sunday night baseball, and they lost 4-1. In that game, Brett Myers got the loss, he pitched 6.0 innings and gave up 8 hits and 4 ER. The next time the Phillies appeared on ESPN Sunday Night baseball in 2009 was June 7, against the LA Dodgers. Antonio Bastardo got the win for the Phillies in that one when the Phils beat up on the Dodgers 7-2. Randy Wolf got the loss for the Dodgers in this game. That was the last time the Phillies played on ESPN Sunday night baseball this season until tonight. However, the rest of the season finds the Phillies playing on August 30th on Sunday night baseball again vs. the Braves, and on Sunday Sept 13 vs. the New York Mets but something tells me that may not be the matchup the ESPN folks were hoping for.

ESPN Sunday night games 2009 with Phillies:

Apr 5 vs. Atlanta Phils lose MLB opening night 4-1

Jun 7 vs. Los Angeles Phils whip Dodgers 7-2

Side notes: Brett Myers got a black and blue eye, he's told us a couple stories already. Could it have been a fight or something? Only Myers knows for sure. If he gets back to the bigs, he'll have to be finalized to be on the roster by Aug 31 for the postseason roster list. Will he be able to make it back?

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