Monday, August 24, 2009

Phillies take a bite of the big Apple

The Phillies played a hearty series in New York over the weekend and into Monday. They had some interesting things happen. How about a triple play, unassisted to end the game on Sunday? Now if that isn't rare, I don't know what is. Just as you thought there may be a chance for the Mets to win, there was three outs right before our eyes. It all happened so quickly, even Brad Lidge almost broke out into laughter to break the serious mood of two runners threatening to tie or win the game for the Mets being out and the batter all in one swing of a bat and a tag of a base and a runner.

We had errors, we had home runs. We had Phillies fans in the stands in New York, we had a fight or two with fans in the stands in New York. We had the large outfield at Citi Field produce a lot of extra base hits, we had an inside the park home run by the Mets while Shane Victorino shamelessly pointed at the ball lodged in the bottom of the outfield wall. Now this was a series!

The Phillies had a pitcher that used to pitch for New York, now he pitches for the Phillies who got a standing ovation from a lot of the fans in New York. He went out there and pitched a nice game and got the win. We had the new 'ace' of the Phillies go out on the mound today and get his 5th win in as many starts for the Phils, and Ryan Howard hit two home runs in this game. We saw just about everything over this weekend and the 4 game series, and it's hard to believe it, but the Phils will play the Mets again at home at Citizens Bank Park for 4 games over 3 days from Sept. 11-13th to finish out the season series with them. Where did the season go? September? It still feels like July to me.

The Phillies now take this entertaining troupe to the city of Pittsburgh for three games, and finally back to CBP for a while on the weekend and into September with the Giants. This is baseball, the playoffs are coming up and I think the next homestand the fans at Citizens are getting pumped up that they will again see their Phillies in postseason play in 2009.

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