Monday, August 31, 2009

Phillies successful on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

All photos c. Rich Baxter 2009

When Jon Miller and ESPN Sunday Night Baseball come to town in Philly, the added national exposure is good for the Phils! The Phillies now have a 3-1 record on Sunday Night Baseball, the ESPN crew scours the stadium for stories and they usually tell you a few of them on the broadcast. Last night's show was no different. They had a cool feature on Ryan Howard and the way he bats, it almost looked like a tutorial. Joe Morgan, searched the Braves batting practice for stories and he was accompanied by his broadcast mates, Jon Miller and even ex-Met GM now broadcaster Steve Phillips.

Last night's win was a team effort, Joe Blanton kept it close and the offense though not very powerful, won the evening with the Ruiz double scoring 2 runs when it was needed most. Ruiz finished the night with 2 doubles and Scott Eyre came in from the bullpen not having pitched since mid-August to slam the door on three batters and setting up the save attempt by the Phillies.

Joe Morgan even remembered the late Harry Kalas with a very touching story of their early days together in Houston when Harry was just getting into broadcasting. Jon Miller and he reminisced about the times Harry would come into the booth and talk with them when they were in town.

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