Saturday, August 08, 2009

Phillies lose back to back to Marlins, Hamels hit again Phillies alumni night w/ 4 HOF on field~Schmidt,... on Twitpic

Alumni weekend hasn't been kind to the 2009 Phillies

Cole Hamels didn't pitch all that bad, but the home run he gave up to Cody Ross was the straw that broke the 'hamel's back'. The Phillies had the lead and with the 115th pitch thrown by Cole, the game suddenly changed as Ross's home run gave the Marlins the lead late in the game and they would add to that lead and the Phils face a tough loss tonight at CBP.

The loss gives Cole a 7-7 record, as he again faced a lack of run support in this close game, and just made a bad pitch to make the difference for him tonight. Had he thrown a pitch that Cody Ross didn't hit into the stands, he may not have suffered the loss tonight but he did, and suddenly it seems like he is in a struggle to have a winning result lately.

Chase Utley has been having a tough time at the plate recently, he was 0-4 tonight, and it just seems like he used to come through in the clutch more in the past than he has this year. This loss hit hard and the Phillies still enjoy a lead in the NL East, but it's starting to dwindle. Jason Werth had an equally bad night, going 0-5 and hasn't regained his swing lately either. Another batter who hasn't 'shown up' recently has been Raul Ibanez, he was on fire early on in the season, but now has settled down and has not played with the same fire as he has earlier in the season.

The Marlins had 10 hits and 2 errors on the night, but end up with the important win tonight, I hope the Phillies don't get swept at home with a loss on Sunday now. This was almost unthinkable as the series started a couple days ago, but this is baseball and just about anything can happen. This Phillies team needs to get back to that killer instinct and start moving runners or they could be started on a slide down the elevator that the Mets are on, and I don't want to see that happen to them!

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