Monday, August 10, 2009

Phillies look for answers for power drain

The Phillies got swept at home by a younger, hungrier team in the Florida Marlins over the weekend . During all three games, the Phillies seemed to revert back to the days of the bad slump that they went through in June, when they got people on base, but couldn't seem to score them.

Much has been said in the press about Cole Hamels start in this series, and though he gave up the home run that the Marlins went ahead with, he really didn't pitch all that bad of a game. The same goes for Jamie Moyer in his start on Sunday. Both pitchers had fairly good starts, but the offense couldn't produce.

The focus has been so much on pitching in the past two weeks for the team, everyone seemed to have forgotton that the offense has had a lot of trouble this year, much like the trouble the team had in the playoffs and World Series last year when it comes to runners in scoring position. This should be better managed by Charlie Manuel, he must be more proactive to accomplish ways in which the Phillies can improve in this department.

Shane Victorino's ejection didn't even spur the flat offense on yesterday, but I think this team needs to get together and start coming up with answers as to why this happens. Sunday's game was played in hot very humid conditions, this could be a factor in the loss. The Marlins are used to playing in these extreme conditions down in Florida, so we can pin a little of the problem on that.

Next stop, the windy city for three games with the Cubs.

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