Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phillies end up losing - Lidge still very unstable

What else can I say? If you read this blog regularly or within the past two weeks, I've said Brad Lidge should no longer be the closer on the Phillies baseball team, I still think that. He's earned it! He doesn't deserve to be the closer anymore due to horrible perfomances. How much more does a guy have to go out there and give up a game before Charlie Manuel realizes this? I don't think after tonight with the tough loss that the Phillies suffered due to Lidge giving up the game, there shouldn't be too many people who think Lidge should be the closer anymore.

If you've followed Lidge all year, he hasn't been the same pitcher. Yes, he's gotten those familiar strikeouts and here and there put out some fires. However, he's no longer 'the man'. Charlie Manuel has repeatedly said, 'He's my man, he's the closer on this baseball team.' After tonight, that should change. He gave up a walk off home run to the Pirates tonight, who celebrated as if they have won the NLCS or something. Yes, it's a big moment for them beating the reigning World Series champs but it also tells us that Lidge is very unstable and in need of a sabbatical from the closer's role.

Jimmy Rollins had a breakout night with two home runs, he's paced this team to a victory tonight. It should have never been lost. The thoughts turn now to who should be the closer? You've got Madson that should be in the running, and now you have an apparently healthy Brett Myers who seems like he is back up to speed with his fastball and healthy looking. The decision on who will take the reins won't be simple but it is a decision that needs to be done now.

Here's the tale of the tape for tonight's game one with Pittsburgh:

Rollins 2-5 with 2 home runs - .244 BA

Utley 2-4 with a double - .302 BA

Ibanez 0-3 what happened to Ibanez? Is he still hurt? - .284 BA

Team RISP 2-14

and finally the worst stats of the night:

Brad Lidge: 9 blown saves on the year, 0-6 7.33 ERA

This should be the final appearance for Lidge as a closer until he get's 'fixed' if that is possible now.

Phillies lose 6-4 in Pittsburgh in Game #123 on the season and

the first of three games in Pittsburgh, PA. Phillies record: 72-51

1st place 6.5 games ahead of the Atlanta Braves

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  1. I think it's fairly obvious with Ibanez. He started out on a torrid streak, and is regressing to his mean. It's a law of averages. Rollins started out awfully, but everyone knew it wouldn't last the whole season. Just the opposite with Raul. He is currently right around his career average.

  2. Brad Lidge is a trainwreck, and putting the ball back in his hands and hoping it goes okay is not really a "strategy," but more like, "senility."

    We need somebody who can get three outs. That's it.

  3. Maybe I'm being tough on Ibanez, but he just doesn't seem to have that fire in him that he had earlier in the season. Maybe he was playing way over his head? I don't know for sure yet. Hopefully he'll start dazzling again.

    Lidge is definitely not well, he isn't the same guy from last year, I joked today that perhaps he should have retired on top last year, he can never repeat that season and it was flawless, unless he gets a miracle that is.