Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moyer rolls along pitches shutout

We all gathered around to watch what to me was Pedro's first 'real' start. He was at home in Philadelphia and facing the Arizona Dbacks. A storm that approached the stadium was described as being 'from the Wizard of Oz' type of storm the way it looked, changed those plans of Pedro's start completely although he did get 3 innings in before the rain storm.

Tweets from the stadium described the storm as fierce from the press booth, there were several twitter messages that told of heavy thunder and lightning right over the stadium. In a surreal atmosphere following the storm it was Jamie Moyer returning to the mound to get a 'long relief' appearance.

Jamie turned in one of the best outtings by a Phillies pitcher so far this season. Jamie pitched 6.0 innings only giving up 2 hits and no runs with 5 strikeouts. Poetic that Jamie had such a great start. He certainly went out there and threw a great game. I would have loved to have seen Jamie start the rest of the season. Maybe he'll still get that chance.

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  1. Rich,
    I'm just wondering what you mean. Why didn't you count Pedro's start at Wrigley? That's a pretty tough park to pitch in as well.

    I hope Moyer can be strong out of the 'pen, but all season out of the rotation he was inconsistent. He'd throw a game like he did last night and then get lit up for seven runs in three innings the next. I like the guy, but his days as a starter are likely and probably should be over, as evidenced by Moyer having the highest ERA in the league among starters.

  2. I just thought that with the blow out offense the Phillies put up on the board, you sort of have to throw that start out.

    I think the whole Phillies rotation pitched haphazardly most of the first half of the season except Blanton and Happ maybe, but Moyer was lowering his ERA in fact in July he posted the best ERA of the month for him so far.

    I still don't think he earned the bump by the unproven Pedro in a Phillies uniform. I am in the minority in that opinion, but then again I am a big Jamie Moyer fan :)

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  4. "Scott Graham" - I will not allow your posts here as you are not really 'Scott Graham' that we know as the broadcaster. Before this morning I popped onto your blog for the first time.

    Keep working on that blog. I've never read your blog before today and I probably won't read it again. Your 'open' letter to me you posted there is a bit extreme. A couple days ago you said that I was referring to you when I posted a line in my blog post about 'wins don't matter' - I've never even read your blog and never read anything posted by you so your wrong about that.

    You are misrepresenting yourself that you are indeed 'Scott Graham' and you are not. Your blog lists also 'Andy Musser' as a writer - another misrepresentation.

    I will allow you to read this blog, but not to post comments here until you have your real name on your posts and your blog....

  5. You wouldn't need to read my blog. You only would need to read my email. It's funny that after I emailed you about your citing of "W"s as a meaningful statistic that your next post included something to the effect of "some people say wins don't matter for a pitcher. I wonder if these people think losses matter".

    Not that I think my blog is all that great, but there hasn't been a whole lot to talk about recently. Our blog actually uses intelligence and statistical applications to discuss baseball. You sit there and talk about your opinions which are awful. You clearly have very little knowledge of baseball.

    I don't understand why my alias (which is clearly pointed out in the subject line of the blog so not to mislead) would deter you. Nor am I sure how you know my name isn't really Scott Graham. You use the name Rich Baxter on this blog. The only email i've found on this page (brief look) was jjrozewicki or something. I don't see how Rich Baxter equated with jjrozewicki.

    Nonetheless, I'm very thankful (sarcasm) you will "allow me to read" your blog. And you actually have no control over my comments. As you can see I can post anonymously. I could even post under a new name if I so chose.

    Who made you God? So long as comments aren't obscene, you should allow them, and not remove them. If you can't combat what people have to say then maybe you shouldn't be writing this blog.

    I sincerely wish you happiness (my assumption as to why you blog here). I don't mean any harm by this stuff. I enjoy talking about baseball. You didn't respond to my email that i thought reached you. I wouldn't have posted it had you responded.

  6. Thanks for the feedback, my email address for this blog is - it is posted right on the right side of the blog.

    The email link at the bottom is for a guy who designs header logos and graphic designs that is associated with this blog.

    I hope you continue to improve your blog, if my posts annoy you, you have every right to not read them.

    My opinions are my own and are open for public comment, when comments get out of line I reserve the right to edit them.

  7. Apologies to the web designer as he was the recipient of my e-mail. That explains why you did not respond.

    If the comments are out of line, I agree, removal is an option. However you removed a comment that said something like, "So Cliff Lee's start should be thrown out because the Phillies scored 8 runs?"

  8. After I read your 'open letter' to me on your blog that I though was way over the line of decency or professionalism I decided to edit your comment and not allow posts from a blogger like you, not even using his own real name.

    Let's move on, there's plenty of baseball left, and plenty more blog posts to post.