Saturday, August 15, 2009

Manuel deserves blame in Lidge’s demise


Reporters should get the answers from Manuel no matter how much he tries to dodge them on why he is staying with Lidge now

The hand writing has been on the wall for some time now. Game after game, Brad Lidge has struggled mightily, and each time he hasn’t been dealt with properly. Lidge needed time off the stage of the main closer for the Phillies for one reason, he’s not the same pitcher from last year and his control and command of pitches have left him.

Charlie Manuel knows this has been happening, and between him and Rich Dubee, nothing has been done to fix it. They just keep throwing him out there, and hanging him out on a line to face another blown save. After last night’s near loss, it was plain to see that Lidge needs to ease back out of the closer’s role and Madson should be your closer now.

Too often, Manuel doesn’t respond properly to things like this, and even issuing walks to batters who destroy the Phillies at the plate. If nothing else, today’s game proves what a lot of people have known for some time now. Lidge is not capable of being your closer right now. He may in the future, but for now he isn’t.

The Phillies also failed to score base runners again, and the item of note is that they can’t score runners period. They are consistently leaving guys in scoring position and not coming through even on sacrifice flies, because they are trying to get hits and it’s not working. Sacrifice your hit to move the runner, I don’t think they are trying hard enough to do that or Manuel may not be telling them to do it.

Phillies lose a tough one to Atlanta today:

4-3 in the bottom of the 9th

Lidge blows his 8th game of the year and gets the loss

Lidge gets two errors on same play, fielding and throw in bottom of the 9th

This blog first said Lidge shouldn't be the closer earlier this week, now it is plain for everyone to see, it's true. Brad Lidge needs to heal and fix things inside his head before he self destructs completely. He's too good a competitor to have that happen too, I am surprised the pitching coach and manager haven't realized this.

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  1. Madson hasn't been successful as a closer either (4 blown saves in Lidges absence). Lidge still has the stuff to be dominant closer. Stick with him...