Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lee gains another win and CG

The Phillies pickup of Cliff Lee produced yet another win for the team last night and Lee went to distance to pitch his second CG as a Philadelphia Phillie and this one he only allowed two hits. It was the 4th start on the year for Lee and Phillies fans couldn't be more happy with what he's shown us so far.

The Phillies have now improved their pitching from where it was a couple months ago which was near the bottom in the National League to about the middle of the pack. The average era for pitchers is now 4.21 for the Phillies.

One more game with the Dbacks and it's off on the road again for the Phils, they go to New York for a 4 game series. I actually wanted to go to New York and see a game this weekend vs. the Phils as I've done in the past when the Mets played at Shea. I got on the Mets ticket website and punched in 'best available' to see where the best place to see a game from Citi would cost. How about $450 a ticket? Yes, that's correct it would have been $930.00 for two tickets to see a baseball game. The other prices for other levels were equally priced way above what I would ever spend to see a game. It is really a shame what is going on it New York with ticket prices. I guess they all make a million dollars a year up there to be able to afford those insane prices.

The Phillies then move onto Pittsburgh for three games before returning home for a nice homestand that starts off with the Atlanta Braves. The Phillies have won 9 out of their last 15 games and are really starting to pick up steam. The team to watch out for in the MLB have become the NY Yankees, they have put a 7 game distance between themselves and the Boston Red Sox. The Yanks have 76 wins already and look like the front runner in the AL to go all the way. The Yanks are an incredible 41-18 at home.

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