Saturday, August 01, 2009

In Game: Giants and Phillies playing tight game in 'Frisco

Free Image Hosting at This image from AT&T park from a fan there! Look at how big that outfield is, this is a pitcher's park for sure.

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This is a tight game for the Phillies, into the bottom of the 5th inning, it's still only 1-0 Giants in this pitcher's duel with Tim Lincecum and Joe Blanton. The Phillies have had opportunities but so far have not converted any to a score. The Phils have left 8 on base so far into the bottom of the 5th.

So far Jason Werth is 2-2 and J Roll is 1-3, Chase is 0-3 so far going into the top of the sixth inning. Blanton has 4 K's and Lincecum 5 K's into the bottom of the 5th as well.

the view from AIG's corporate box seats (i shit u not) to wit... on Twitpic

Here's a view of the AIG corporate box at SF Giants AT&T Park, hey didn't they get a 10 billion dollar loan from the government? Know we know why they are bankrupt, spending all that money on these premium seats...... Anyway thanks to a fan sitting there for sharing the pic with - click on the photo to enlarge!

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