Friday, August 07, 2009

Kalas honored on 'Wall of Fame' - Phils can't reel in Marlins

The night started out just fine at Citizen's Bank Park on Friday night. Phillies alumni night, which is always a fan favorite, was held on the field before the game. Every alumni night for the past years were MC'd by Mr. Harry Kalas. Tonight, he was the one that was being honored with a special one time inclusion to a place that was supposed to be reserved for retired Phillies great players. The decision was that Harry would get a plaque out there, and join the other Phillies greats that came to honor him tonight.

The old Phillies who meant so much were still looking great as they were announced one by one, by a surprise announcer. The announcements came from none other than Harry Kalas again! He even MC'd this event, announcing the players of the Phillies alumni again through the recordings that he had done over the years of his announcing before he passed away earlier this year. This was chilling, and it again reminded all of us how much we miss him.

The game on the field that followed was something else, the Phils couldn't quite get it together offensively again tonight. They just can't seem to execute simple sacrifice flies, and can't seem to move runners when they are on the base pads sometimes. Despite all of that offensive power, this team struggles to get the game 'fundamentals' accomplished when they need to.

Rollins, Werth, Utley, and Dobbs were all with no hits leading up to the ninth inning of this game, and you aren't going to win ball games when all these hitters don't produce. Ryan Howard piled up three strikeouts to bring his total up to 137 as he is again soaring towards another season of a possible 200 strikeouts. You can't win ball games with that kind of effort, in fact, you'll lose a lot more if you keep having those type of games with your clean up hitter. I don't believe the writers who say Ryan Howard's strikeouts don't matter, they are screwed up in the head if they think that. Ryan may have hit 200 HR's the fastest in his career, but I'll bet his over 800 strikeouts so far in his career is also a record. Mike Schmidt had 1,883 total strikeouts in an 18 year career, at this pace, Ryan would have 2,900 or so strikeouts if he has an 18 year career.

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