Friday, July 31, 2009

San Fran takes the first game 7-2

The SF Giants have been on a winning streak of late, and when the defending world champs came to town last night, the Giants were waiting for Phils and outplayed the champs on the field to get the victory 7-2.

Chase Utley scored both runs for the Phillies, one was a home run and one was a score by Utley on a double by Ryan Howard. Utley was almost beaned by starting pitcher, Jonathan Sanchez, which made Chase take a long look out at the mound after Sanchez sailed a pitch right over his head. Chase recovered nicely to hit a long home run off of him after the pitch that sailed over his head. Both dugouts got perky after the incident, but nothing else happened except the Utley home run.

The Dodgers won last night, so they lost no ground to the Giants despite their win, LA remains a solid 7 games over the Giants. The Phillies are a solid 6 games over the Marlins still in the NL East while Atlanta is 7 games back.

Game 2 tonight for the Phils, we have a new face on the mound with Cliff Lee going for the Phils and facing a guy named Ryan Sadowski. If I didn't know better, I'd have my money on the Phillies tonight and Cliff Lee. I think they correct the mistakes of last night and take Game 2 from the Giants, but of course the game has to be played on the field as the Phillies look to improve after two losses in a row.

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