Saturday, July 04, 2009

Rodrigo the Magnifico - Phillies win big over Mets Game 1

Rodrigo the Magnifico earns respect of Phillies fans and the first win of his season

Rodrigo Lopez pitched last night and Phillies fans went crazy and gave him a standing ovation at the performance he turned in on Game 1 of the July 4th weekend homestand on Friday night.

The Phillies brought out the offense and shelled the Mets with a spat of 3 runs in the first and then added on plenty more to put this game into the win column and give the team a much needed boost after the last two weeks of gloom.

Jimmy Rollins went 2-5 with 2 RBI in this game, and he sparked the Phillies giant display of fireworks style offense on Friday night. Shane Victorino had a 3-5 night for the Phils and Chase Utley went 2-4 and Jason Werth added a homerun for the Phillies. Another Jimmy Rollins note as reported by Todd Zolecki on his blog, Jimmy had some Michael Jackson songs in his corner on Friday night, he had Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal playing before he batted and this may have helped him out of the slump he has been in. Jimmy is back!

Lopez gets his first win for the Phillies, he surprised all who early on suspected he may not win this game. Broadcasters on WFAN, the New York sports radio station, couldn't wait to see the Mets hit against Lopez and now the probably wish that they could take these words back. This turns out as a much needed move by the Phillies, and it's one that shows that perhaps it doesn't take going out and splashing millions of dollars out on a free agent pitcher to solve some of your pitching problems.

The weekend series continues with the 4:05 PM Fox Saturday special game of the week with the Phillies and the Mets later today.

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