Sunday, July 12, 2009

Phils win in bottom of 9th - Sweep in order for Sunday

I must admit, I was ready to throw in the towel on Saturday night's game with Pittsburgh. It just looked bleak going into the 9th inning. I heard Chris Wheeler say that he was surprised that Vice President Biden, who was at this game, didn't leave yet to avoid the traffic going home after the game. This turned out to be another dramatic game for the Phillies, it all started with a Matt Stairs home run. The way Stairs hit that one really reminded me of the one he hit in LA, he just trotted around the bases and was in effect telling his teammates silently, "This one isn't over yet."

After Stairs went deep, Ryan Howard went deep himself and on the TV broadcast just before Howard hit the home run, Tom McCarthy was saying that Howard was seeing the ball real well tonight, then Howard smashed a long home run over the Center Field wall and tied this game with his home run. The bases then were loaded with Phillies after a Raul Ibanez double, a Jimmy Rollins walk, and a Chase Utley single. Paul Bako hit the winning base hit to single home Raul Ibanez for an exciting Phillies win 8-7 in the bottom of the 9th.

I've seen the Phillies win many games like this, but each time you get goosebumps when it happens. Out of no where the offense seems to explode and the runs come flowing in like a river until the game is won usually in dramatic fashion. It was the 26th come from behind win this year.

I'll be up at the game today for the possible sweep of the Pirates, this would be just great with the Phillies needing to pile up the wins at home just to get to .500 at home. Today it will be 5-0 J.A. Happ going for the Phillies and their team of All Stars!

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