Thursday, July 02, 2009

Phils need fans to support them hugely when they return to CBP

This weekend series with the Mets is one that the NY fans can't wait for. I heard the NY sports radio this afternoon before the Mets game with Pittsburgh and the announcers were salivating on facing this Phillies team that has resembled a sick whale at times. Sometimes the whale seemed like it was going to get better, and then it would look worse at times. This road trip and previous home stand has seen the Phillies look about as bad as they could look in two weeks time.

From all of this negativity, is there any good that can happen over it all? Of course there is! The team can start pitching again and the hitters can return to the lineup this weekend and all is forgotten. If anything this is a weekend that may tell a story at which direction the Phils may be headed in after the break.

One thing we can do as fans when the Phillies come home is to support them wholeheartedly. Let's turn their boos that they got on the road to cheers and welcome the team home warmly. There's no place like home.... there's no place like home ......


  1. Apparently there are many places much better than home for the Phillies, who are 13-22 at home, 2nd worst in the NL to the Nationals.

  2. Yes that is true... I think they can improve this home record as it can't get too much worse!

  3. That's definitely true, it's just so hard to find hope nowadays, Phillies baseball in June puts me in a sour mood.