Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Phils cool for now, do they need Halladay anyway?

The Phillies cooled down from their meteoric pace of the last fifteen games in which they have only lost a couple games. Yes, it would have been great to pull this game out too, and the Phillies could have done it a few times today against the Cubs. It was not to be though, and now the San Diego Padres come in for one make up game on Thursday night and then the Cardinals move in for the weekend series.

Much talk has centered about acquiring Roy Halladay from Toronto lately. So much that it's almost like beating a dead horse, will he or won't he? I don't know if the Phillies really need a guy like Halladay. Of course it would be great to have him on the team, he's going to give you the 'instant ace' to the rotation. The Phillies rotation was the worst it's been in the first half of the season for a long time. What carried the Phillies along during this terrible run of pitching performances was the offense, and a little luck. Now things look a little better but are they really better?

The Phillies have for the most part stayed away from the Yankees style of wanting to sign every big league free agent out there and now with the attempted interest in acquiring Halladay, they have strayed a little from their previous philosophy. The problem is that some team is probably going to end up with Halladay, and whoever does is going to be looking real good for playoff time. Should the Phillies care? The Phillies went into the playoffs last year and destroyed Sabathia and other good pitchers as well. Can they do it this year? I think there is weakness in the Phils rotation. It could be bolstered, especially since it seems like both Cole Hamels and Brad Lidge have been roughed up this year. They are getting roughed up in my opinion because every player wants to do good against them. Their faces were plastered all over the World Series, in magazines, tv shows, etc. The players who face them imagine theirselves in their own 'playoffs' and go that extra mile to do better then them.

Who do you give up for a guy like Halladay and is there anyone else out there that is available to the Phils that even makes more sense. Adding Pedro to the team may fit that description of a seasoned veteran that is bound for the Hall of Fame, but is there anyone else? We'll know a lot more within the next week or so to the deadline. Till then, we'll get guessing an wondering what the Phillies brass will do....

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  1. Yes, they need Halladay or Cliff Lee, if they wanna make another WS run. You can't get it done with a Jamie Moyer in the rotation. Get him out, and trade anyone but Drabek to get Lee or Halladay and all of a sudden the Phils will win 95+