Saturday, July 25, 2009

Philllies suffer a mis'happ' against Cards

The 'Matt Holliday show' was in full swing last night for the Cardinals and he was a very important part of the Cardinals thrashing of the Phillies on Friday night. Holliday made the most of his first day with the Cardinals with 4 hits on the night.

This weekend will tell a lot about the Phillies. The Phils have made quick work of lesser teams and well they should. The table changes a little with the St. Louis Cardinals in town for the weekend series. This will be a test to see what the Phillies are made of against the team that occupies first place in the NL Central.

JA Happ pitched 6.0 innings and gave up 10 hits in a game that he would like to forget. Up till now, Happ has been flawless like a diamond. He shouldn't feel like he is invincible though. This is where Kyle Kendrick went astray. Kendrick started to believe the hype and in the interim lost control of his pitching and major league hitters won't let you do that and will make you pay every time.

A couple of notes from the game last night. Rick Ankiel is a dangerous hitter even though his average is that high this year, the Phils would do well to try to pitch around him if possible. Of course now that the Cardinals have Matt Holliday to the already potent line up of the Cards, you have to watch out for him. Holliday has been a non issue for NL teams for the most part because he's been with Oakland for the most part of 2009. He didn't do all that well in Oakland, and now the Cards have picked him up.

Will the Phillies make a move of it's own with an acquisition of Halladay from Toronto? Just last week it seemed like the Phillies didn't need him, but with last night's start from Happ and Jamie Moyer's last start, you start to realize that the starting pitching is still in need of a major facelift. In this game, a prospect shouldn't be an untouchable as has been spoken about in the press with the Phillies supposedly making certain prospects 'untouchable'. The Phils must live for today, not a couple years from now when the make up of this particular Phillies team will no longer be in place. The team can't afford to stand 'pat' on this move and they need acquire someone that will be the dominent 'ace' as the Phillies don't really have one this year.

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