Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Philllies get Lee, big question now where will Halladay end up?

The asking price for Doc Halladay proved too much for the Phillies to bear. So the decision was made to walk away. Toronto GM, J.P. Ricciardi, wanted much more than the Phillies wanted to part with and the top Phillies brass elected to pursue Cliff Lee. With Lee now aboard, the question remains... Where will Halladay end up? If he goes to the Dodgers, you better believe this will put them in the driver's seat to make a serious run at the Phillies come playoff time.

Cliff Lee had an interesting year last year with the Indians, he was partnered up with the then ace of the team, C.C. Sabathia, and still managed to go 22-9 as the number 2 starter for all of 2008. C.C. struggled and went 6-8 for the Indians, and then the Indians trade him to Milwaukee where he crashed and burned in the playoffs, but he finished the regular season 11-2 and helped the Brew Crew get in the playoffs. The Yankees come by and wave 180 million dollars in front of C.C.'s face, and he's gone off to be a Yankee. C.C. is only 10-7 in 22 starts going into tonight's play for the Yanks. Lee on the other hand is at the same 22 starts and is 7-9 for the Tribe, and gets traded off to Philadelphia still to be a free agent at the end of this season.

First my question would be: Do the Phillies want to sign Lee or do they just want to put him in for the rest of the season and trade off some of their minor leaguers for him? That on the surface doesn't seem that bad, they may still make a run for Halladay after this season as he becomes a free agent in 2010 but that looks bleak at this time. The big question is does Ricciardi move Halladay like a chess piece to foil the Phillies down the road? A trade to St. Louis, or Chicago, or the LA Dodgers would give any one of those teams instant credibility to themselves as a favorite down the road.

Here's some facts on Cliff Lee:

<> Full Name: Clifton Phifer Lee

<>D.O.B.: Aug. 30 1978

<>Overall record as of 7/29/09: 83-48

<>Voted Cy Young Award 2008 and All Star

<>Pitched only for the Indians: 2002-2009

<>First full year with Indians for Lee was 2004 in 33 starts he went 14-8 & the same year C.C. was 11-10 for the Tribe

Facts source: - one of my favorite baseball websites

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