Sunday, July 05, 2009

Phillies look ahead to next series after sweep




       The Phillies swept the Mets today, that’s the great news. In a game that looked like it could turn at any moment, the 2-0 lead held all through the game with the Phillies needing only three hits to beat the Mets today at CBP.

         Before the game the Phillies had a Father/Children game on the field for the families of the ballplayers. That was a nice event. It maybe helped the Phillies get a little more relaxed for the game.

          There is no doubt that Jimmy is back, his bat and swagger told a story over this weekend. His opening leadoff homer was just what the team needed to start this game today and though there wasn’t too many more hits in this one, it was enough to help the Phillies win today.

          The Phillies are again in the driver’s seat in the NL East, 42-37 or .532 for their winning percentage is enough to keep the team 1 game ahead of the Florida Marlins, and with the sweep of the Mets today saw the Amazins’ fall to a tie for third place 4 games back off the pace. The Phils welcome in the pesky Cincinnati Reds and send Cole Hamels to the mound against Johnny Cueto who is 8-4 for the Reds on Monday night.

            Can this win streak continue? We’ll see come Monday night.

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