Friday, July 03, 2009

Phillies get swept again, time to be concerned?

Mets Fans who misbehave better watch out for the 'secret weapon' and it's not Rodrigo Lopez!

At the start of this drought, I wasn't all too concerned. The Phillies were playing Interleague and the losses didn't really seem too real against teams that we hardly ever play during the regular season. Well now that relaxed feeling that I had is turning to a real concern as the Phillies are in what I hope is just a prolonged period of 'funk'. This funk continued last night as the Phillies were outplayed in Atlanta when it mattered most. The New York Mets pulled out a 10th inning win yesterday afternoon in dramatic fashion and now the Phillies return home with what appears to be a team that has come unglued.

The Phillies are now just getting flat outplayed. In the field, on the bases, and at the plate, oh yes on the mound also. This team needs to start caring more, sweating more, and pulling it together more if they are going to maintain any sense of being a first place team. Yeah I know that the team is not playing well at home, but they need to pull it all together for this homestand and go out there and win some ballgames. Raul Ibanez's return should help. He has led the Phillies team offensively and when he was out of the lineup, the Phillies started piling up the losses. It's almost like he's a father figure to these guys, and since Dad's been gone the pickins has been slim as far as any one else wanting step up and take his spot as the Phillies leader.

Pitching is beyond a concern at this point, Ruben Amaro Jr. should be on the phone at any available time looking for that deal, as the Phillies still continue to announce weird starters as in the guy they are sending to the hill vs. The Mets by the name of Rodrigo Lopez. No knocks against Lopez, but this is a World Series baseball team, not the Oklahoma Mudcats that he'll be pitching for on Friday night at home before a packed house. Amaro Jr., take note if this backfires the blame is going to fall on his shoulders! The press and the fans will be up in arms at this move which really comes out of no where. I can understand bringing up a prospect from the minors but Lopez? This makes no sense at all. NY Mets fans are literally having fits over this move. I hope it proves me all wrong.

I won't even recap this past two weeks, as the red ink from losing would just make this post look sick. The Phillies haven't seen a prolonged losing streak like this one in the past two weeks. They are 2-5 in their last 7 games and they are 14-9 during day games and 25-27 at night. Enough talk about how bad the sweeps were, all the "O"-fers by any player, it's all history. The team is still in first place, in a tie with the Marlins now, the team should step up and put it to the Mets and let them know this will be their division. Another ballclub has climbed back into the picture, the pesky Marlins are again making their presence known but this month they'll play the Phillies, Dodgers, and Atlanta, so they better be ready for that lineup of teams.

Bring it on Mets, were gonna take you to baseball school this weekend at CBP!

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