Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moyer is starting to bring a science to pitching


   I used to remember as a kid when a 40 year old was pitching in a MLB game. My impression of that pitcher was that he was really old to be a pitcher. Now fast forward some 30 years into the future and when I see Jamie Moyer on the mound, I start to see things in a way different light.

   I remember one of the oldest pitcher’s that I recall was named Charlie Hough, and yes he was an older guy, but now that I am over 40 years old, guys like Jamie Moyer don’t really seem that old to me. He’s a pitcher that has learned to adapt to his age and skills level. He also stays in great shape. Even more important is that Jamie sees a game almost like a scientist.

   You see him approach a batter like a tactician, he does his homework and is a student still learning even after all those years pitching. In his post game interview last night, he spoke about making appropriate adjustments to his pitching and moving forward. He also commented on the way he started to change the angle of the ball at certain points of the game.


      Every few games Jamie will have a bad one, that is the way most pitchers in the league have bad games. The talk about Jamie losing his pitching skills intensifies after these losses and then Jamie goes out there and reels off a another couple of wins, and then you don’t hear anything about it. So for now, Jamie Moyer is sailing along this season with the most wins of any Phillies pitcher, call him lucky or call him the ace of the staff, Jamie is glad to be pitching for the Phillies!

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