Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The more the Phil's win, the happier we get

A lot of people have a smile on their faces these days. It's probably because a certain baseball team is on fire and can't seem to lose. Everywhere I go, Phillies fans are gloating, they're making plans for the playoffs, and maybe the World Series. To them, I say ... "Not so fast." The Phils are having a great time on this winning streak of 9 in a row. They are on the upswing of the season but there is a long way to go. They haven't really won anything yet.

Who would have thought that the Mets would be falling apart, and the Marlins would be as far back as they are at this point in the season. The most improvement by the Phillies seems to be starting pitching. The pitching and the offense are now on the same page and we're seeing some really special results.

Here's part of an article from the Chicago Tribune on last night's game:

"Whether it's 10-1 or 3-2, it's only one loss," manager Lou Piniella said. "The important thing for us and Ted is he came out of this [all right] health-wise and he'll pitch better next time."

"I expect to do a lot better than that," Lilly said. "That kind of effort is not going to work. It makes it awful tough on us to win games with less than four innings."

Jeff Stevens (two) and Aaron Heilman (one) threw scoreless innings in relief, but Ryan Howard hit an eighth-inning homer off Angel Guzman as the entire Phillies lineup showed why they played until the end of October last year.

"The lineup hasn't changed too much from the lineup that won the World Series, and they added another left-handed bat [Ibanez]," Lilly said.

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